The First 150 Words

Today is the last day of summer; tomorrow, the first day of fall. Tonight I am launching a pseudonymous web log. I am interested in recovery, concerned about Islamic fascism, and disgusted with many of my neighbors’ daily attitudes towards the republic of the United States. While formulating my thoughts on these and other matters, I see no need or advantage to have my name splashed all over everything. And that’s the nice thing about a personal blog, it exists solely to serve my needs. Journaling anonymously simply adds another dimension of freedom.

Another purpose of this blog is the exercise of writing. I have come across many recommendations for the practice of keeping a journal. My writing is very, very rusty. Perhaps, too, my thinking. Practice can’t hurt.

Somewhere I came across the suggestion that one ought to start off by resolving to write just 150 words a day, every day.

I just made it.



2 Responses to “The First 150 Words”

  1. sanctifunk Says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere. I think that you have the right idea about your blog. Some are too political, some too personal, and some are just stupid. Blogging can be cathardic, especially if you enjoy sharpening your writing skills. I enjoy good writing, so I’ll be reading you. If you like, check me out at I try not to be too intense, but every now and then a political or moral issue gets me wanting to pound the keyboard a little.
    One question…what are the words underneath “Layman’s Log” on top of the page?

  2. Ralph Thayer Says:

    They’re from the back of a dollar bill, ie from the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States. It’s a piece from a classic poem that means May God look with favor on our endeavor.

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