Kubrick Theme Image Tool

Kubrick Custom Header Image Mask

– Using your favorite graphics program, set the black (#000) on this mask to ‘transparent’ and overlay it onto your source image.

– Position the mask so that the image you want on your blog shows in the “window.”

– Save the precise 760*200 mask with the ‘framed’ image as a graphics file.

– Upload and do NOT crop (the default selection image area is the whole thing as uploaded and that’s what you want, so just hit the crop image button without moving any of the dotted lines.)

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3 Responses to “Kubrick Theme Image Tool”

  1. بهمن Says:

    Really thanks ;)

  2. Custom Header Image For Kubrick « Brent Roos Says:

    […] UPDATE 2: I’ve got it now, looking exactly the way I want it to look, thanks to Layman’s intructions on Layman’ s Log. He provides a Kubrick Theme Image Tool which makes the process very easy. So thatnks Layman, for sharing, and mad props go out to you for this! wordpress, wordpress.com, blogging, kubrick, themes […]

  3. Brent Says:

    Excellent work, my friend!


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