The Foley Follies

Former Representative Mark Foley is not my kind o’ guy, but at least he — unlike Franks and Clinton — had the shred of decency to recognize his disgrace and resign.

Though it makes little difference in the sleaze quotient, what is not clear — legally speaking — is whether any of this went beyond the “talking” stage, or whether any of his “interests” were under the age of consent (16 in DC). Clinton certainly went beyond the talking stage, and Franks had a prostitution ring running out of his apartment.

A most curious aspect of all this is how the damning evidence, the Instant Messages (IMs), surfaced with such exquisite timing months after the curious (but not damning) emails — and how the media is conflating the two. All in all the evidence is months, if not years old. Whoever “sat on it” was not the least concerned with the welfare of the pages, but utterly consumed with concern for how it would “play in Peoria” a month before elections. That bastard (or those bastards) is the shameless (and thusly unrepentent) creep who should be locked in a small room with the pages’ parents for about an hour.

We went through all this crap in 1983 and it says something about the jerks many of us elect to Congress that we are going through it again. One would think that out of nearly 300 million people we could find 434 without having to include reprobates. But how would one select them without election? And as Churchill said, “democracy is the worst form of Government except all those others that have been.” He also noted that, “The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.”

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