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Taliban flee Afghan-led Nato offensive

Sat, 31-Mar-07 — Tom Coghlan

Complete success is being claimed for the largest Afghan-led operation yet against the Taliban.


Iran’s Latest Hostage Gamble

Thu, 29-Mar-07

RealClearPolitics – Austin Bay

This latest hostage-taking incident smacks of desperation, not revolutionary fervor.

Beyond Iraq

Thu, 29-Mar-07

RealClearPolitics – Victor Davis Hanson

Should a peace candidate win the American presidency in 2008, prompting the U.S. to pull out of Iraq before the democracy there is stabilized, in the short term we will save lives and money. But as the larger war continues after we withdraw, jihadists will still flock to the Sunni Triangle. Hamas and Hezbollah will still rocket Israel. Syria will still kill Lebanese reformers. Iran will still try to cheat its way to a nuclear bomb. Ayman al- Zawahiri will still broadcast his al-Qaida threats from safety in nuclear Pakistan. The oil-rich, illegitimate Gulf sheikdoms will still make secret concessions and bribe increasingly confident terrorists to leave them alone. And jihadists will still try to sneak into the United States to kill us.

…our long-term plan is to go on the offensive to confront radical Islamic terrorists on their own turf, and try to foster a democratic alternative to theocracy or autocracy.

That may be felt by the American public to be too expensive or too naive, but it is a direct strategy aimed at an enemy who seeks to terrorize the West and plans on being around well after 2008.

Depending on how we leave Iraq, this global war against radical Islamic terrorism will either wax or wane. But it will hardly end.

How to Win in Iraq — And how to lose.

Thu, 29-Mar-07

OpinionJournal – Federation

Evan Sayet: Indiscriminateness

Sat, 24-Mar-07

Pajamas Media: Lecture of the Week

It’s God or anything.

Sat, 03-Feb-07

“A man who ceases to believe in God does not believe in nothing; he believes in anything.” — G.K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy

c/o J. R. Dunn: A Necessary Apocalypse

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On the Road to Mecca —

Thu, 05-Oct-06

. . . one thing you won’t hear is, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” *

Gurpreet: “Behzti
Mozart: “Idomeneo

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Sat, 23-Sep-06

Spent a great deal of time today on a work-around for a problem I discovered with the blog. All in all it was a very interesting exercise.

Another discovery made while setting up this blog was the number of other blogs tagged “citizenship.” Most tie the concept into the current immigration debate. I haven’t come across one focused on the practice of “good citizenship” yet, but then I haven’t really made a search yet.

My point is that even I entertain two different concepts of the term “citizenship” and I hadn’t noticed that before. There’s the image of new naturalized citizens being sworn in, and the association of the responsibilities of “good citizenship” in a sort of pre-Woodstock kind of way. It’s the old privilege-responsibility duality I guess — one is an award or goal, and the other is a responsibility or duty.


The First 150 Words

Fri, 22-Sep-06

Today is the last day of summer; tomorrow, the first day of fall. Tonight I am launching a pseudonymous web log. I am interested in recovery, concerned about Islamic fascism, and disgusted with many of my neighbors’ daily attitudes towards the republic of the United States. While formulating my thoughts on these and other matters, I see no need or advantage to have my name splashed all over everything. And that’s the nice thing about a personal blog, it exists solely to serve my needs. Journaling anonymously simply adds another dimension of freedom.

Another purpose of this blog is the exercise of writing. I have come across many recommendations for the practice of keeping a journal. My writing is very, very rusty. Perhaps, too, my thinking. Practice can’t hurt.

Somewhere I came across the suggestion that one ought to start off by resolving to write just 150 words a day, every day.

I just made it.